Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Announcement Time and Date Leaked

Call of Duty Modern Warfare announcement
Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Since the past few weeks, we have been receiving a lot of leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming Call of Duty game. Recently, it was leaked and then later confirmed that the upcoming COD game will be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare instead of a numbered title as people were expecting. Now, it appears that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Announcement date and time details have leaked online.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Announcement Time and Date Leaked

Earlier today Game UK allegedly posted the time for the Call of duty reveal but then the post was taken down shortly thereafter. However, a screenshot was taken and uploaded to Twitter.

The accidental reveal states the time as 6 pm BST and the date as 30th May which will be tomorrow. This leak is in line with some earlier rumors that also predicted that the reveal would happen on 30th may, however, the exact timing was not known.

Moreover, yesterday Activision said that all of their social media accounts are “going dark” in preparation for the reveal.  Normally, Activision announces their COD games either during E3 or a few days before it. However, they don’t hold a separate press conference and usually release a trailer.

It has also been rumored that COD will be going back to its roots of a campaign story-based game with the new Modern Warfare game. A rumor even suggested that the upcoming game would be a sort of a “soft reboot” of the franchise to introduce it to the newer generation.

I think people have had with all the BR craze these past couple years. Now would be a perfect time to bring out a nice fps game based around a solid story. Hopefully, the upcoming Modern Warfare would be just that. So keep an eye out for the announcement tomorrow at the given time and comment below as to what you are expecting from the game.

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