If you missed out on this underrated game the first time around, now is your time to rock out to a different tune as you can get Brutal Legend For Free On The Humble Store For the next 48 Hours!

Brutal Legend For Free On The Humble Store For 48 Hours

Brutal Legend truly lives up to its name. The game had an all star cast from the rock and roll hall of fame, Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, The Runaways’ Lita Ford, and Ozzy Osbourne all brought together into the game with the mind of Tim Schafer, creator of other underrated hits such Psychonauts, and Grim Fandango with only a few to name.

Brutal Legend tells a story that any rockstar or hardcore musician would thoroughly enjoy, but the game met with a great amount of scrutiny when it introduced tower defense mechanics and fell into mediocrity according to a lot of video game reviews.

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While it would be difficult to pinpoint what type of audience Brutal Legend if made for, now is your time to experiment and find it if it is something that is up your alley. Humble Store offers a steam key for you to redeem and download the game instantly!

Keep in mind that the give away is time sensitive, so do take 5 minutes to grab this gem of a game before the offer expires!

Keep in mind that the game is very unique in all of the aspects, so unless you go into the game with a very open mind and with no expectatons of what to come across, your experience of the game might vary and you may or may not have a feeling of relief that you missed the game when it initially launched.

In the end, free is free, right? Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comments section and whether you are gonna play the game for the first time or will you finally get an excuse to finish the game if you didn’t get the chance to on a previous platform.