Bloom v Bieber; Celebrities reveal their teams, who’s side are you on?

Bloom v Bieber Brawl

So this is one of the mess that everyone has been talking about. The controversial Bloom v Bieber. Although this was not exactly a fight but even a nudge goes sky high when it comes to celebrities. This happened on Wednesday when news broke that Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom almost got in a fight. But what’s more it that Orlando threw a missed punch at him.

Before we get on with the teaming, let’s first discuss the actors.

Justin Bieber

Okay. Now this actor/singer is undoubtedly loved by our young generation. This is a pure fact. But what’s also a fact that he has been the worst thing that has ever happened to the industry. Not to mention that the movies he has acted in are not only the worst of their kind but also received a below average user rating.

Honorable mentions:

After the Bloom v Bieber incident we thought giving them both some scores. We’ll give him a hand-to-hand combat score of 1.5/10. (This is a very relaxed store)

Orlando Bloom

Now this guy is some hardcore badass archer. He has produced some massive hits along the way. The best of them is the The Lord of the Rings series followed by The Hobbit series (thought The Hobbit is actually the ancestor story of LOTR). He has proven to be a well-trained hand-to-hand combat specialist, an accurate archer and an effective leader along the way.

The honorable mentions have already been mentioned.

We’ll give him an 8.5/10 in hand-to-hand combat. And this ONLY the score of hand-to-hand.

Who do you think stands a better chance in Bloom v Bieber? Before you think about that yourself, here are some views of celebrities about the Bloom v Bieber incident. They have actually decided their sides.

James Franco:

On “The Colbert Report” Wednesday night, Franco admitted he was Team Bloom in Bloom v Bieber. Watch it here.

Stephen Colbert

Meanwhile he had his own views about Bloom v Bieber.

Bloom v Bieber - 2

Drake Bell

After posting a lot of stuff and then deleting it, he finally tweeted:

Bloom v Bieber - 3

Stephen Amell

The “Arrow” actor said it was better that the punch did not connect.

Bloom v Bieber - 4

Candice Accola

“The Vampire Diaries” actress was obviously #TeamBloom.

Bloom v Bieber - 5

Alyssa Milano

Too obvious though.

Bloom v Bieber - 6

So I guess it’s pretty sure the odds of Bloom v Bieber.

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