Best Camera Apps For OnePlus 5: HDR, 4K and Filters

OnePlus 5

Here are the best camera apps for OnePlus 5 to take your photography to next level thanks to dual cameras. OnePlus launched their flagship OnePlus 5 in June, 2017. OnePlus grabs a very moderate and handsome attention on their smartphones. The phone has an amazing 5.5 inches Optic AMOLED Display with capacitive touch screen. The 1080 * 1920 HD Display with a 16:9 ratio makes it more attractive and entertainment friendly. Also, the design is sleek and attractive. It weighs 153 grams.

With Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Android 7.1 Nougat, the phone is very efficient and smooth in performance. Coming towards the camera, the OnePlus 5 has a dual camera. One primary lens of 16 Megapixels and Secomdary one of 20 Megapixels. The dual cameras make sure you get astonishing photos and to add up to that awesomeness, we are listing some great camera apps for OnePlus 5. These apps have amazing features that make your photos shine like never before.

Below are the listed apps for your OnePlus 5 with a brief description of features and capabilities. Have a look!

OnePlus 5 Camera Apps [Dual Camera support]

  1. Snapseed

    SnapseedNumber one on our list is Snapseed. Snapseed is a complete professional photo editing app developed by Google. The app has so many exceptional features to make your photos stand out. It allows you to use 29 tools and filters that mend your photos like anything. Some of them are Healing, Brushing, Structure, HDR, Perspective etc. Also, you can customize your looks one time and apply them on any of your upcoming photos. Moreover, it opens your JPG and RAW files right in the app for your convenience. In addition. you can use selective filter brushes for various effects. Furthermore, you can control and customize all styles and filters according to your need.


2. AfterFocus


The second pick is an amazing app that lets you create DSLR style focused photos. It makes your photos more natural and realistic with various filter effects and tools. Also, you can select the focused areas and blur the backgrounds like professional photography. It recognizes the focused area by itself and precisely create your photo accordingly. But you can also manually select it. However, the auto focus helps you work faster. Also, you can put filter effects on photos and at the same time, make them look realistic. Moreover, it allows you to use the popular around, Bookeh effect. The realistic filters, smart focus and DSLR styled backgrounds, and much much more that makes it perfect. Download it from the link right below.



3. Snap Camera – Filters

Snap Camera - Filters

Snap camera is all about extra ordinary filters and exceptional motion stickers. This little app turns your snapping experience into magical by icing it up with cute filters. There are so many animal and cartoon themed filters in this app. Also, you can face swap and send it to your friends and family right away. All in all, it transforms your snapping experience on whole. Moreover, you can wear cute avatars for your photos and enhance them by adding up motion stickers from the huge collection. Adore cats, why not become one? Snap Camera lets you put on cat noses, animal ears and so much more. It creates fantasy filter moments for you that you can cherish by sharing with closed ones. Download the Snap Camera from the link below.



4. Beauty Camera Photo Editor

Beauty Camera

The ultimate favorite beauty app around, Beauty Camera is on 4th in our picks. This little package right here handles and manages your beauty regime like anything. It has all the tools and filters to put your insecurities to sleep. Globally, 7 million people trust Beauty Camera for their photos. The awesome features and amazing reviews make it worthy enough to be a must have. If you need to take a quick snap, this app is way to go. The amazingly professional filters and HD quality allows you to experience dynamic photos. Also. you can use motion effects and stickers on your selfies. Moreover, you can do a complete makeover of your self with beautifying tools. Not only photos, but you can use all filters and motion effects on videos too. Download the Beauty Camera right away!


5. DSLR Zoom Camera

DSLR Zoom Camera

Hey photography freaks, he all new and all cool, DSLR Zoom Camera is here for you! With Ultra Full High Definition quality, DSLR Zoom Camera allows you to get the best photos and videos. Also, the zooming capacity is beyond amazing. You can use various HDR effects on your photos. The photo outcomes will blow your mind away. In addition. you can also control the focused areas and have professional blurry backgrounds. Moreover, you can record videos in HD quality. You can beautify your photos with additional filters and effects. All awesome features and that too, without any cost. Grab this app from the link below.


Do tell us what you think about our picks!


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