Legendary Guitarist Aamir Zaki passes away at 49

Aamir Zaki

One of the legendary guitarists of Pakistan (Aamir Zaki) residing in Karachi passed away due to a heart failure this Friday (02/06/2017) as confirmed by his family and friends. He is said to have been suffering from illness for a while now.

Playing the strings since he was 14, Aamir Zaki was known for his tenure with the famous Vital Signs and went on tours with the band as well until he was asked to leave. He then worked on his original and started with his solo debut album from which Mera pyaar became a huge hit.

Aamir Zaki made his debut on coke studio back in 2014 and he was seen performing last at the two days long I am Karachi Music Festival in a collaboration with Saleem Javed.

Aamir Zaki

He was seen as the most influential guitarist of all time but he was not only a great musician but a soft-hearted person as well as stated by most of his colleagues who feel that he left a void that is impossible to fill. He was a genre in his own as stated by Nescafe Basement producer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, known as the nick Xulfi.

Zaki’s funeral was held after fajr on Saturday (03/06/2017) morning and he as told by his friends and colleagues, the music maestro will be buried in a graveyard in Karachi’s steel town locality shortly afterward.

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