How To Fix The Good Life Audio issues on Windows 10 (Steam)

The Good Life for Nintendo Switch

The Good Life

White Owls Inc. recently just released The Good Life on Steam. The game is about solving a murder mystery in a town called Rainy Woods. To add to the complexity, all the townsfolk turn into cats and dogs at nightfall because of some peculiar phenomenon. You start your journey as Naomi Hayward, a journalist that is drowning in debt whose last resort to money is solving this mystery. However, you can’t do that with The Good Life Audio issues that you might be facing.

A lot of people are facing this issue. The in-game music would just stop playing and then the sound effects would stop working as well. This would usually happen when walking; the sound would cut out and in again and again. And the sounds also sometimes remain shut down even after standing still.

Guide to fixing The Good Life audio issues


Make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements provided by the developers before trying any of the solutions mentioned below. The chances of an issue like this caused by your own hardware are low. However, they are not zero; and there’s no harm in checking. Maybe you are facing this issue due to a driver mismatch or hardware incompatibility.



Ensure that Audio Output is working fine

If your sound configuration is not correct or your audio device is malfunctioning, you might face the issue of hearing no sounds in all the games you play. Follow the steps below to configure the sound settings in the control panel. Open the control panel and see if your audio device is properly configured.


You can try verifying The Good Life‘s game cache in Steam as this may find missing or damaged files that need to be repaired, even if you’ve just installed the game. Sometimes. things can go wrong while downloading a game but it still registers as accurately downloaded.

Update Sound drivers

Another cause behind why you’re not hearing any sound in The Good Life is because of broken or obsolete sound drivers. Most of us don’t really care about sounds that much as long as we are able to hear them so we mostly neglect updating drivers related to sound. You can manually get the latest sound drivers by installing them on your computer. We recommend Realtek Onboard Audio.

Update Windows

I know, I know. No one wants to do this, and you have a good reason not to, but there’s a chance that The Good Life is facing some compatibility issues on your computer. All you have to do is download all the latest Windows updates to make things work.

All Done

After following the steps above you should not be getting any more The Good Life audio issues while playing. Let us know in the comments below if this guide helped to fix your problem. You can read our other guides related to the game here: