God of War PS4 (2018) Trophy List Leaked! [SPOILERS]

One of the hottest things in the gaming industry right now is God of War PS4 which is hitting the shelves on 20th April 2018. The hype for it is very real despite it being a PS4 exclusive. In fact, the hype is so real, that retail copies of God of War were leaked 2 weeks before release date.

But as of now, that’s not the only thing that was leaked. The entire list of trophies and how to achieve them has leaked online too. And we took it on ourselves to relay this information to you as soon as we could. However, we should warn you that there are SPOILERS BELOW:

Leaked Trophy List for God of War (2018) [SPOILERS]:

Here are the trophies you can get during gameplay in God of War and how to get them. Once again though, there are spoilers below.