Spoiler Free Bloodstained Ritual of The Night Tips and Secrets for Beginners

Bloodstained Ritual of The Night Tip
Bloodstained Ritual of the night

Bloodstained: Ritual of the night is an action-adventure game developed by ArtPlayDICO and WayForward Technologies, and published by 505 Games. It was released just recently across PS4, PC, Xbox, and Switch. If you are familiar with the Castlevania series you will see a lot of similarities in terms of gameplay. The game is relatively new, however, it has quickly made quite the name for itself in the 2.5D style of games. Today, I am bringing you Bloodstained Ritual of The Night Tips that will help you better progress in the game if you are a beginner.

The gaming community on Reddit can often prove to be quite helpful which is the reason why I found these tips in the first place. Thanks to u/1337haXXor, who posted a thorough guide containing tips and trick in the r/Bloodstained subreddit, we have the below-stated tips.

Spoiler Free Bloodstained Ritual of The Night Tips and Secrets for Beginners

The tips are arranged according to the encounter time in the game. There are general tips, early game tips, mod game tips, and late game tips. All stated below.


These tips are relevant throughout the game. They don’t apply at any one instance so keep them in mind.

  • If you’re good at the game, build for Luck!! Higher drops of items means more money, shards, and upgrades quicker. Additionally, the coin amounts that drop are higher.
  • If you’ve played any other metroidvania games, many of them have ways to cancel attack animations half-way through by jumping. Jump in the air and make your attack come out right before hitting the ground, then immediately attack again. This will allow the aerial attack to do damage without suffering the recoil. This is why a lot of us always seem to be hopping around.
  • It should go without saying, but attack EVERY wall. Gotta find those secrets!
  • Poison is INSANELY OP, especially for bosses. As such, the best 8-bit coin weapon is the shoes and they have very high attack speed. PLUS drop kicks and slides do full damage.
  • If you read about a specific technique, try it out at least once to have it on your list.
  • Shards have a RANK and a GRADE. The GRADE is increased by getting more of the shard (up to 9). The RANK is increased via crafting (also level 9). TYPICALLY the grade will increase the strength or potency, and the rank will increase the range or effects. When the rank is increased to 9, passive shards become PERMANENT BONUSES (toggleable). Additionally, equipping them afterwards will double the effect.
  • Mimic enemies drop VERY useful shards, I highly recommend farming them.
  • The permanent stat boosts received from cooking do NOT expire, so eat anything you cook! If you need more later, you can buy them or craft them again.
  • ALWAYS have a stock of waystones! You never know when you’ll need them.
  • Healing/usable items cap at 9, everything else caps at 99. There is no notification when you are full, so if you want to maximize money, always keep a bit of space.

Bloodstained Ritual of The Night Tip


These tips will specifically help at the beginning of the game.

  • The monster with the chainsaw sword (BESTIARY #11) towards the beginning has a great weapon and fantastic shard, farm for both.
  • The second Harpy creature you encounter, in the towers, has a shockingly great offensive shard. There’s a room in the towers with two of them. I HIGHLY recommend maxing their level. Later I post some of the best locations.
  • The very picturesque enemies (BESTIARY #20) have a very powerful conjure shard, especially when powered up. In fact, I used it almost exclusively throughout the entire game.

Bloodstained Ritual of The Night Tip


The following tips are meant to aid you in your mid game.

  • The third harpy monster (BESTIARY #50) in the bell tower drops a fantastic passive shard, Optimizer. She also drops useful items for later. There is a relatively easy one 3 screen transitions left of the save for the area.
  • One of the best enemies to farm for money mid-game is an axe wielder (BESTIARY #60). He drops various metals, and there’s a room towards the bottom of his main area that’s just a tiny room with just him.
  • There is a crawling enemy later that *seeks* you out (BESTIARY #66). He has an invaluable shard and there is a room where you can simply screen transition right and there is one right there. I recommend maximizing this shard as well.
  • The best area for farming for Alcahest (you’ll need HUNDREDS to finish everything, and they’re overpriced to by) is in a later, very low area. There are tiny ghost enemies (the second form, BESTIARY #68) that have a chance to drop 2. There’s a room 2 spaces left of a warp area with two of them and one big enemy, and one in the room to the left of that room, great for farming.


  • When farming for gold the best is to farm the water horse enemy. He’s immediately to the left of the warp point to their area, with 5 bats. They drop a weapon that you can break down into gold.

Bloodstained Ritual of The Night Tip


  •  Iron Maidens are a pain. It’s a shame they’re immobile.
  • The bottoms of Wells are ledges- down + jump.
  • Remember, only a vampire can help with credentials. Johannes will have more information, pay attention.
  • When you find yourself with nowhere to go but underwater, a local enemy’s shard can help you.
  • When you get what seems to be the last movement upgrade and can’t figure out where to go, check the towers area.
  • Rooms requiring keys are for very late game, you’ll know when it’s time.
  • When you get the double jump ability (slight spoiler, sorry, but it’s a metroidvania; you know there’s a double jump), **you can do a drop kick AFTER the second jump for extra height and another jump!** I don’t know that this is explained anywhere in game but it is EXTREMELY helpful.


  • Sometimes items just get stuck in a wall/the ground. If you clear or mostly clear a room and leave soon enough, you will still receive the item.
  • You can NOT cast some spells while directly facing a wall. Not sure if this is intended.
  • If you leave a room as you’re in the animation of getting a shard you will NOT receive it.

Hope you enjoy these tips, do let me know in the comments if the tips were helpful. Also, don’t forget to say thanks to the original poster over at r/Bloodstained.

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