Top 10 Cydia Repos for ‘jailbroken’ iOS 8/8.1 users


Official iOS 8/8.1 Jailbreak is now here. Thanks to the Chinese hackers Pangu for releasing it even before the popular jailbreakers iH8sn0w and pod2g! Pangu has really amazed jailbreak fans once again. First, it brought the developers version of the jailbreak without Cydia. The jailbreak made it possible for the tweaks to get updated. Also, it provided an opportunity to Saurik to test its new Cydia version. And now, everything is gone public. So what to do with your newly ‘jailbroken’ iOS 8 or iOS 8.1 device? Well, in this post, we will bring list of Cydia repos where you can find some nice tweaks for your device.

Before you begin, you need to know the procedure to add new Cydia repos or sources manually. Here are the steps to do so,

Launch Cydia store.

  1. Tap on Sources.
  2. Tap on Edit.
  3. Now, tap on Add.
  4. A popup will be displayed. Now, enter the URL of a new source or repo.
  5. Now, tap Add Source.

Top 10 Cydia Repos for iOS 8/8.1:

Here are the best 15 Cydia Repos that you can add to find some great tweaks for your jailbroken iOS 8 devices:

Apple Watch UI Repo:

As the name suggests, this repo has got tweaks related to Apple Watch. The iWatch will begin shipping next years but the developers are already building some interesting tweaks. You can now have Apple Watch UI on your iPhone 6 through Apple Watch SpringBoard, one of the tweak available at this repo.


KuaiDial Repo:

This repo has got a handy phone dialer app for your iPhone. Some add-ons are also there to make the things smarter.


Coke Pokes Repo:

This repo has got some amazing tweaks. One of them is AirBlue Enabler. This tweak enables you to share your files via Bluetooth on iPhone.


Forty Six & Two Repo:

Although few, but this repo has got some brilliant tweaks indeed. Few tweaks, you can find interesting here, are Alarmy and JellyLockClock7.


ParrotGeek Repo:

This Cydia repo comes with most important and useful tweaks. Some of them are Adrenaline and Siri Old Voice.


Couria Beta Repo:

Here you can find a tweaks like Couria to customize your Messages app. You can add some more features and functionality to your native app through this repo.


BiteSMS Beta Repo:

Just like above, this repo has got tweaks for native Messages app. The popular BiteSMS tweak is available on this repo.


iCleaner Pro Repo:

Have filled your device with useless files? Have got no storage at all? Well, here you can find tweaks to clean up your device i.e. removing junk files and broken links.


F.lux Official Repo:

Here, you can find F.lux jailbreak tweak. The tweak enhances your display quality. It makes the view of your display better in sunlight.


HASHBANG Productions Repo

When you are to add some style to your device, this is your best selection. Add wow elements to your device only from here. Tweaks like ScreenFade and Tap To Unlock will make your interface more beautiful.


So guys, go and get these repos added in your Cydia store now.