Rumor: Nintendo Direct July 2018 More Details Revealed on 4Chan

Nintendo Direct July 2018

I hope our readers don’t have blood pressure issues because boy oh boy are these leaks really out there. You’re gonna need salt. A lot of salt. Like, bring at least two buckets. Earlier we covered some 4chan leaks for Nintendo Direct July 2018 details. That article can be found here.

Now there are even more leaks from 4chan.

Nintendo Direct July 2018 Leaks or a Fans Wishlist?

Here is the tweet that has a screenshot of 4chan containing all the “leaks”.


This details all the supposed leaks for our readers to check for themselves.

We are going to be highlighting some of the main “leaks”.

Mother 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and More for Switch

Among the leaks were:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to Nintendo Switch: Yeah that’s right Sony. You think you have the superior hardware? Well, Nintendo has come for you and your pretty little exclusive. Needless to say, this is very very unlikely. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is currently stuck in development limbo with Square Enix stepping in to make the game themselves.

Mother 3D with full dialogued cutscenes: A remake of the original Mother 3 with 3D graphics and voiced dialogue sounds amazing. In fact, it sounds too good to be true. An announcement isn’t impossible so maybe?

Three new ports for Switch include Kingdom Hearts 3, Mortal Komat X and Fallout 76: Two of these games aren’t even out yet. Can the switch handle games such as these with its current hardware capabilities?

Cuphead for Nintendo Switch: This might be possible. The stylish critically acclaimed title would be a perfect fit for the Switch.

Gameplay Trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses: This is almost expected by most fans and players to show up at the next Nintendo Direct. Fire Emblem is an amazing franchise. Seeing more of it is always good.

Megaman 11 Short trailer followed by the announcement that you can play as Protoman, Bass, and Roll: This would be a dream come true for players and fans alike. Which is exactly what makes it so hard to believe. We will have to wait and see.

Some other stuff included:

  • Mario Odyssey DLC
  • Mario Kart 8 DLC
  • A Zelda themed Minecraft mash-up pack.
  • Star Fox racing inspired by F-zero.
  • Pokemon Lets go trailer with Pallet town, lavender town, Saffron city, and Lt. Surges Gym.
  • Mario maker for Switch.
  • A trailer for a new Super Mario Bros Switch game titled New Super Mario World.
  • Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda themed Funko pops.
  • Kirby Star allies dream friends along with their release dates.
  • Sonic Mania plus with confirmation of Metal Sonic being developed as a playable character.
  • Montage of games including Mario Tennis Ace, Sonic Mania Plus, Rocket League, Owl Boy, Bomb Chicken, Camp Camp: Carpe Diem, Pool Panic, Buddy Buddiez, and Doshin the Giant HD.
  • A smash trailer for King K Rool and Dixie Kong to end things off. Smash Run revealed to return alongside Smash Tour.

What do you think of these leaks for Nintendo Direct July 2018? How is your blood pressure? Do you need more salt? Are you okay? We’re here to help…with more salt. Let us know in the comments below.



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