Rumor: Nintendo Direct in July 2018 Details May Have Leaked on 4Chan

Nintendo Direct July 2018

A leaker on 4chan claims that there is gonna be a Nintendo Direct in July 2018 between 22nd and 28th July, most likely on July 27th. The leaker then went on to drop the details of the Nintendo Direct.

Simon Belmont for Smash, Mario Odyssey DLC and more at Nintendo Direct in July 2018

Here are most of the leaks:

  • There will be a trailer for a new Yoshi game called Yoshi’s Wooly World 2: Flipside.
  • There will be an announcement about the second round of dream friends in Kirby Star Allies. A harder mode will also be announced.
  • WarioWare Gold is being ported to the Switch.
  • There will be a small segment for DLC of Super Mario Odyssey with the highlight being modern recreations of Super Mario 64 worlds.
  • Some new information about Pokemon: Let’s go Pikachu/Let’s go Eevee.
  • Star Fox Racing to be announced.
  • An announcement about a major AAA port.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to have a trailer of a fighter the leaker, for some reason, is not at liberty to reveal. Along with some information about the game.
  • Smash run, Hit the targets and Smash tour to come back.
  • A story mode for Smash.
  • A character trailer for Simon Belmont.

Take all of this with a massive grain of salt. But in the event that this is true, this would be massive. The most prominent news being recreations of Super Mario 64 worlds and Simon Belmont for Smash. Fans would absolutely love to play in the worlds of the classic Mario 64.

Nintendo Direct in July 2018

Simon Belmont for Smash would have massive implications if it was true. Perhaps something like this is exactly what the iconic Castlevania series needs right now in order to see a proper console/handheld game crafted with the same care as older entries like Symphony of the Night or Aria of Sorrow.

Although a multiplayer mobile game for iOS has been announced for Castlevania, the series that has given the gaming community absolute classics deserves more respect from Konami.

Nintendo Direct in July 2018

What do you make of these leaks? Do you think a Nintendo Direct in July 2018 is a possibility?

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