Rooting Galaxy S4 on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

galaxy s4

When it comes about Rooting  Galaxy S4, the procedure is comparatively short but a little more difficult than the procedure followed for Rooting hTC One. Samsung Galaxy S4 lacks a bootloader system; this shortens the procedure for Rooting Galaxy S4.galaxy s4

Before you start Rooting Galaxy S4, make sure you have done these things:

  • Debugging Mode is ‘Turned On’
  • USB Drivers have been installed in order to transfer data between Galaxy S4 and PC
  • All Data has been backup
  • Sufficient amount of battery is available i.e. 70%
  • Chainfire Root Tool and Odin have been downloaded

Here is the procedure of Rooting Galaxy S4:

Step 1: Install Odin and run it

Step 2: Connect your PC with Galaxy S4 device

Step 3: Turn off your Galaxy S4

Step 4: Boot your device in Download mode. You need to press Power and VolumeDown button simultaneously in order to do so

As the device connects, a message Added will appear on the program.

Step 5: Click on the PDA button

Step 6: Select the Root file which you have downloaded i.e. Chainfire Root file

Step 7: Now click on Start button, the process of Rooting Galaxy S4 will start

Step 8: As the process completes, Odin will display the message PASS

Step 9: The phone will be automatically rebooted, and you have succeeded in Rooting Galaxy S4.

Now you can install firmwares and tweaks of your own choice. It should be noted that although the phone is rooted but it may contain some restrictions.  You can now also update your Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean by following the procedure here.

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