Intel Introduces Budget Coffee Lake Processors: Celeron and Pentium Gold

Budget Coffee Lake Processors

Earlier this week, Intel announced its new series of 8th generation Coffee Lake processors. Many new Coffee Lake compatible motherboards such as B370 and H370 started coming out as well.

Following the release of their new processors, Intel has now announced a few more additions to their 8th generation Coffee Lake processors: the Pentium Gold CPUs and Celeron CPUs. These chips are also a part of Intel’s 8th generation of processors, diversifying the lineup of Intel to contain a lot of options to choose from.

Intel’s Pentium Gold and Celeron CPUs are being dubbed as Budget Coffee Lake Processors due to their affordable prices.

As we will further shed light on the price, these latest models in Intel’s lineup will be very economical and very well suited if you’re on a tight budget. Now of course the performance of these processors won’t be as good as the higher spec more costly models but it’s not a bad bargain considering the price.

Intel Budget Coffee Lake Processors: Specs and Price

Pentium Gold Processors in Intel’s budget CPUs are dual core and have Hyper-Threading (SMT) enabled. They’ll have 4MB L3 Cache. The Celeron processors however, do not offer Hyper-Threading and ohave only 2MB L3 Cache. They’re also slower than Pentium Gold when it comes to clock speed. The detailed specifications and price for these processors can be found below:

ProcessorClock FrequencyCores/threadsL3 cacheTDPList price
Pentium Gold G56003.9 GHz431354MB54W86
Pentium Gold G55003.8 GHz431354MB54W75
Pentium Gold G5500T3.2 GHz431354MB35W75
Pentium Gold G54003.7 GHz431354MB58W64
Pentium Gold G5400T3.1 GHz431354MB35W64
Celeron G49203.2 GHz431332MB54W52
Celeron G49003.1 GHz431332MB54W42
Celeron G4900T2.9 GHz431332MB35W42


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