Fortnite x Avengers Collaboration Event Coming Up

Fortnite Patch 7.01

Fortnite just let out a very interesting tweet. They are preparing fans of the Battle Royale for 25th April, which is a day before the global premiere of the highly anticipated Marvel motion picture, Avengers: Endgame. Going by the name of Fortnite x Avengers, it seems that we could see the return of a game mode and more!

Fortnite x Avengers is making a comeback!

Fortnite did an event last year for Avengers: Infinity War by having a limited time mode that allowed players to be Thanos. The game mode allowed players to wear the infinity gauntlet, have a ridiculous amount of shield and health and wreak havoc on solo players.

Whether or not we will see the return of the mode is still the million dollar question on everyone’s minds, but we are always excited for collaborative events between Fortnite and Marvel!

Avengers: Endgame is a highly anticipated sequel to 2018’s Infinity War. While the event is set to take place a day before the premiere of the movie, we can only hope that there are no spoilers for the movie present in the mode.

Last year we only got a limited time mode, but since then Fortnite has truly proven to be a capable collaboration partner. The game gave away a limited time free dance when Wreck-It Ralph 2 released with a free dance called the Hot Marat, and then again with an in-game concert starring Marshmallo.

Hopefully this year, we can see some limited items in the item shop, maybe some free cosmetics? For now details on the event are scarce, said for the mysterious tweet.

Tomorrow is also update day for Fortnite, so we will have to wait and see what the data miners of Fortnite uncover when they sift through the game’s data.

Whether or not we will get an exclusive limited time mode or other bonuses in the game is still the million dollar question, what we are really excited for is what bonus content we can expect from Fortnite!

let us know in the comments section what you’re most excited for in terms of the collaboration? We know we are excited!

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