BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOS This Week

It has been some months since BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS was in rumors. BlackBerry gave many dates for release but could not release the BlackBerry Messenger due to some issues.


Now, finally here is the good news for those who have been waiting for BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry announced the final dates for the launch of BBM. Android users will be able to download the BBM on September 21st while iOS users will have to wait a day long and they will get their hands on to BBM on September 22nd .


BlackBerry Messenger will be free of cost and will be available to download on respective dates of both platforms.

Blackberry Messenger works much like other Messaging Apps like WhatsApp where you can send messages to different people either single or in group. But there is a unique thing about BBM that it does not use your mobile number, it uses a unique pin instead which you have to share with other person so that he/she can add you in their contacts. So your mobile number is completely secure with BlackBerry Messenger.