Rovio announces Angry Birds Transformers


Rovio recently released Angry Birds Epic and now its time for the next Angry Birds announcement. Rovio has announced yet another game in the series called Angry Birds Transformers.

Angry Birds Transformers will feature Autobirds and Deceptihogs. Rovio has partnered with Hasbro to feature Telepods in the latest game. It is not the first time that Rovio has partnered with Hasbro.

Later this year Hasbro will introduce a product line featuring Telepods technology which will enable fans to teleport their favorite Angry Birds Transformers characters into the game and gain unique powers.

Rovio is releasing the new Angry Birds games very quickly and people are loving it too. Rovio introduced Telepods in Angry Birds Star Wars not a long time ago. And now the latest game in the series, Angry Birds Transformers will also feature Telepods.

The release date of game is not yet announced by Rovio. We’ll update you as soon as release date get announced.

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