All Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants To Have Infinity-O Displays

Samsung Galaxy S10 headphone jack
Samsung S10 concept

The Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone is expected to release sometime early next year. However, anticipation is an all-time high and we already have a bunch of leaks and rumors pertaining to the phone. Just recently we discovered a leak where a glass protector render of an S10 variant was shown. However, today we have confirmation from IceUniverse that all known Samsung Galaxy S10 variants will, in fact, feature a cutaway hole type displays i.e. Infinity O.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants: S10 Lite, S10, and S10+ To Have Infinity-O Displays

This tweet from IceUniverse confirming the display type of the three listed S10 phones contradicts some of the early rumors and leaks regarding the S10 display. For example, in this leak, as mentioned earlier, the render shows a bezel-less and notchless display without any cutaways for the camera. However, there is a possibility that a fourth variant of the phone which is not yet public might contain the leaked display in question.

Above is the tweet making the claim and as we all know IceUniverse has frequently proved himself to be a trustworthy source when it comes to leaks and rumors regarding Smartphones. There is an important distinction that needs to be made here, according to the tweet, the S10+ will feature two selfie cameras so the design of the cutaway holes will be slightly different than the other variants.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Leaked S10 Glass protector render

The picture above is the one that leaked previously which claims to show a glass protector of an S10 phone. Moreover, to get an idea of a display featuring an Infinity-O display following is a Samsung A8s screen protector leak.

S10 Glass Protector
Leaked Samsung A8s Screen protector

See how there is a hole in the top left corner. That is the camera hole which will also be present in all the S10 smartphones apparently.

To read more about Samsung’s new line of smartphone displays including Infinity-O you can go here. This is it for this article, feel free to leave us a comment telling us how you feel about this news.


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