Weather Check Pro a Windows Phone all new Weather Application

Weather Check Pro

Well here we are again with an awesome weather app. TheNerdMag.Inc is again back with its all new Windows Phone Weather App named as Weather Check Pro. So what’s new in this application? How is it any different from the other Weather app application? Just hold on for a bit and you will come to know what it carries that other don’t. Well the application has already got a background update that you will see when you download it. Moreover let’s see what more features it provides.

  • Current Date, Current Time and Current Temperature.
  • The name of area where you are present right now, even when you lost your track you can open application and see at what place you are.
  • The biggest support it provides is the mapping support. It tracks your place and locates you on the map.
  • Integrated map works round the world with the best support and hybrid view.
  • Lastly its just not a weather app it have much more things integrated in it. You can find Max and Min Temperature, Environment Pressure, Humidity, Wind Speed and latitude and longitude.

Weather Check Pro features

  • It has a build in function to convert the Centigrade to Fahrenheit.
  • If you any how want to share the place and the temperate you can easily do it by the icon given on the application.
  • You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, all the social network site that you Windows Phone provides, Mail it and even text it to someone.
  • Compatible for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.
  • More updates on application will soon reach Windows Phone users.

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To download the application click here.


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