Unlock Huawei mate 10 bootloader

Want to unlock your new Huawei Mate 10 Bootloader? Follow the guide to officially unlock your Mate 10 with voiding warranty. Huawei Mate 9 has been an amazing smartphone last year with its extravaganza display. The same is expected from the upcoming Huawei Mate 10. Cut short, the Mate 10 is launching on 16, October, 2017. The smartphone has to compete with Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. However, no official specifications came on the surface. But the leaked and expected ones are surely there. One thing is clear that the phone will come locked and you have to unlock Huawei Mate 10 Bootloader on your own.


The Huawei Mate 10 may come with a  bezel-less, 6-inch, 2:1 display, 2,160 x 1,080 resolution and a dual-lens front-facing camera with 3D face scanning skills. The rear of phone is a fine glass material. Also, the cost will be high as compared to Mate 9. Moreoverr, the smartphone is coming with a facial recognition feature with its 23 and 20 Megapixels dual cameras.

Huawei mate 10.

Amazingly, Huawei Mate 10 is going to have a 4000mAh battery that is quite more than the other recently launched and upcoming phones. So Huawei scores an edge over here. Coming towards the bootloader unlocking, there are various ways to do so. We are providing a really easy method below. For the people who want to Unlock the Bootloader of their Huawei Mate 10, this method will work in a few minutes. Also, the method below is officially Mi Global’s but it unlocks Huawei Mate 10 too. All in all, follow the simple steps below.

Disclaimer: We here at TheNerdMag will not be responsible for any data loss or any damage done to your device during the unlock process. However, before posting the below method we do try and confirm whether this works as intended to or not.

Guide to Unlock Huawei Mate 10 Bootloader:

Unlocking the bootloader will wipe your phone and may also void your warranty. So before proceeding please follow the pre-requirements in case anything goes wrong. After unlocking you will be able to root your Huawei Mate 10 using TWRP recovery and SuperSU or Magisk.

Pre-Requirements to Unlock Bootloader:

Before getting start just make sure you have followed the below important steps to ensure smooth upgrade and no data loss.

Android Phone Backup App

  1. Backup your android phone or tablet first. Before doing anything just make sure you have up to date backup for your device data as well your files such as images, pictures, videos or documents.
    • You can easily backup your Android device without any root or purchasing anything using this guide (Link). Download Super Backup and backup your android device for free.
  2. Have already installed ADB and Fastboot Setup on your PC. If not follow this guide.
  3. Make sure your device is at least 60% charged.
  4. Installed Huawei USB Drivers for your Phone.
  5. Have enabled USB debug and OEM Unlock option from the device settings.
    • Enable USB debugging in Settings>Developer Options.
    • Enable OEM Unlock in Settings>Developer Options.

Unlock Developer Options

Guide to Unlock your Phone Bootloader:

  • Create a new Huawei account or login here. (https://hwid1.vmall.com/CAS/portal/loginAuth.html)
  • Open this “Unlock Bootloader Page” and accept the agreement after logging in.
  • Some details will be asked from you like Phone Model, IEMI Number, Serial Number and Product ID.
    • IEMI Number: Goto Settings -> About Phone or Dial *#06#.
    • Serial: Settings -> About Phone -> Status.
    • Product ID: Dial *#*#1357946#*#* and note it down.
    • Model Number: Settings -> About Phone or Phone Box.

Huawei Unlock Bootloader Details

  • Now submit the information and you will get a Unlock Code. (Example: 5822667581244265)
  • From the Settings go to Developer Options -> Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging.
  • Connect your Mate 10 to your PC and wait for drivers to be installed.
  • Now go to ADB and Fastboot Folder then do Shift + Right Click to select Open Command Prompt Here.
  • Boot your phone to bootloader mode using this:
adb reboot bootloader
  • Now to unlock your phone enter this command in terminal using Unlock Code:
fastboot oem unlock <Unlock Code>

Note: Replace “<Unlock Code>” with code you received form the website.

  • You will see a warning and prompt on your device. Select Yes using the Volume Keys.
  • Now restart your device by entering:
 fastboot reboot

You have successfully unlocked your Huawei Mate 10 official. You can now customize your phone or install a custom rom. Do let us know in the comments below if you face any problem.



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