To the Moon for Nintendo Switch Announced with Release Date

To the Moon for Nintendo Switch
To the Moon

To the Moon is an independent adventure game developed and published by Freebird Games. The game originally came out on PC and later on mobile devices. Now To the Moon for Nintendo Switch has been announced and it will be the first console release of the game.

To the Moon for Nintendo Switch

Check out the announcement trailer for To The Moon Switch Version

The game has been remade for Nintendo Switch on Unity even though it was originally created using RPG Maker.

Here’s the official statement from the developers

The first in a two-part series, To the Moon is an award winning story-driven experience about love and loss, with enough heart-wrenching moments to keep the player invested from its concise start to emotional finish. The Nintendo Switch version is a fully remade creation by X.D. Network, taking the original RPG Maker blueprint and precisely recreating it via Unity.

To the Moon for Nintendo Switch Release Date

To the Moon is headed to Nintendo Switch this summer. Further details about pre-order and pricing will be revealed in time.

To The Moon has received a lot of critical acclaim and has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. The game has also won many awards for Game of the year and best indie releases of 2011. Fans have praised its excellent story, gameplay interaction, and a brilliant soundtrack.

If you’re interested in getting it on PC, here’s the link to the official Steam Page. We can’t wait to get our hands on this game for the Nintendo Switch as the console’s library grows by the day.

Will you get To the Moon for Nintendo Switch? Are you a fan of the game? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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