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So here we are with a new Windows Phone game know as Tile Game. This has been TheNerdMag’s sixth application in market. It’s a puzzle and a pattern judging game. What’s in it is totally fun. Let’s describe the game from the start. You have three levels in the game Easy, Medium and Hard. In easy mode there are almost 12 tiles with different colors on it. What you have to do is you have to tap or swipe them in order to change the color. The concept of the game is that you have to color all the tiles with same color (much like a Rubik’s Cube but only once sided).

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When you start the game timer starts too and note you time and puts the best time in highest score. You have the ability to share the result with your friends over Twitter, Facebook and other social media and messengers.

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And therefore in Medium and Hard the amount of tile increases and the game difficulty level increases. One option that is given by the developer is that you can contact developer and tell about bugs or may be contact him about how the game may improve. You can view the highest score from the main menu and share the result from there as well. In App purchase would soon be released in next build of application till then enjoy the game and let us know how much you like it. Don’t forget to share and rate the game because your feedback is very important to us.

You can download it from here.

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