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Microsoft Innovation Center

Internship at Microsoft Innovation Centre Lahore, Avail the opportunity Now

So Microsoft Innovation Centre Lahore is back with Internship Opportunity. People who were waiting for it for a very long time have again got opportunity to apply and get a chance to be a...
Parse XML/RSS in Expression Blend

How to Parse XML or RSS in Expression Blend

Hi Everyone! Today the main topic that is to be discussed is How to Parse XML or RSS in Expression Blend. Many of the viewers must be waiting for it. Well it simple that...

Working with GeoLocation to Find Directions and Locate your Position

Hello Guys! Today we will be dealing with GeoLocation. We would be Finding Directions between start and the end point given by the user, and secondly we will be Locating our own destination. Moreover...
Application Bar and Menu Items

Working with Windows Phone Application Bar Menu Items

Hello Guys! Today we will be dealing with Application Bar Menu Items. You will see some application like emailing apps that contain below some of the option like to forward the mail or share...
Launchers and Choosers

Working with Launchers and Choosers in Windows Phone Development

Hey Everyone! The topic for today is Launchers and Choosers. So what are Launchers and choosers exactly what they do? Well Launchers are events defined in your app that are triggered upon users request...

Navigation between Pages and Passing value in Windows Phone 8/8.1 Development

Hey Everyone today I'm here to tell you about how to pass value from one page to another or we can say Navigation between Pages. Like if your app contains more than one xaml...
Combine Operations

Five Magical Operations in Blend also known as Combine Operations

Hello everyone! Today we are going to learn some interesting features of Blend these are called Combine Operations. Or rather called as five magical functions of blend. Some of you who already are familiar...
Data Binding

Data Binding with the help of simple tools

Data binding provides a simple way for Windows Phone apps to display and interact with data. The way data is displayed is separated from the management of the data. A connection, or binding, between the...

Tutorial is simply based on Windows Phone App Orientation

This tutorial is simply based on Orientation.  Orientation means how you app looks like when your Windows Phone is rotated in other directions. Like from portrait mode it goes to landscape. Before getting hands on...


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