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Action Launcher Screenshot

Download Action Launcher 26.4 APK For Android Devices

The latest update of Action Launcher brings a lot of changes as Google Now integration for all requires the Action Launcher Google Plugin application. Full Notification Dots support. Unread Count support extended to all...
google maps

Download Google Maps 9.59.1 APK For Android Devices

The latest update of Google Maps brings a lot of changes as this update fixed all the bugs and crashes that were reported by the users. Google Map is now more accurate and faster...
Whatsapp Messenger

Download WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.302 APK For Android Devices

The latest update of Whatsapp Messenger brings a lot of changes as now users will receive multiple photos or videos in a row from the same sender, they'll now be grouped together as an...
Firefox Focus Privacy Browser Android

Firefox Focus: Privacy Protection Browser Comes to Android

Today, Firefox launched an Android version of its private web browser, Firefox Focus. As consumers showed desire for better internet privacy, as well as in built ad blocking, this app is Firefox’s response to...
android pay

Download Android Pay 1.25.1589 APK For Android Devices

The new update of Android pay has now enabled the users to pay with any card other than default one too. Now user can just open the app, tap on any card they have...
fitbit mobile2

Download Fitbit 2.51 APK For Android Devices

The latest update of Fitbit includes sharing of important articles along with other URLs into the Feed to let your loved ones know what's inspiring you and share useful health and also share fitness tips...
Skype Preview Android APK Download

Download Skype Preview APK For Android Devices

Skype has now made it possible for the Skype users specifically Android Nougat and Marshmallow users to download Skype Preview To distinguish between Skype and Skype Preview, they have also changed the application icon...

Download Instagram 10.25.0 (60813) APK For Android Device

The latest update of Instagram bring quite a lot of changes as compared to the recent updates. This update has allowed the users to share the posts they see on Instagram as messages and...
Microsoft To-do

Download Microsoft To-Do 1.6.20 APK for Android Devices

The latest update of Microsoft To-Do 1.6.20 brings some new improvements to the application. Now you need not to worry about the updates even when your app is closed because they have made it...
Adobe Scan

Adobe’s New Scan App Turns Your Phone Into A Scanner

We’ve all been in one situation or the other where we are needed to scan some document to have it in a digital form. But, more often than not, we realize we don’t own...


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