SteamBoy lets you play Steam games on the go

Steamboy gaming device

Steam has always been on the verge of introducing new a much better gaming experience to users.  It introduces the SteamBoy. The Valve’s Steam Machine project is an interesting one as far as the age-old problem of making PC gaming mainstream goes. The sole reason of people liking a console is the plug-and-play privilege it provides. The nature of the console is as such, that it requires no configuration or upgrading needed.

The machines that are provided by Steam are there for a reason. They are there to narrow the gap between them. And these machines even look fancy and don’t look bad next to your television set. They machine that they now provide is the SteamBoy, which lets you play on the go.

With Sony’ PlayStation Vita and Nintendo’s 3DS totally taken up the mobile market alongside the tablets and the smartphones, Steam doesn’t really has the choice of entering the mobile market. One company above all is claiming to change all that. Though we have to admit the possibilities and being more skeptical.

Steamboy - 2

Steam Machine idea, this mobile gaming concept from a company nobody has heard of, SteamBoy Machine, will probably be able to play most Steam games. The size of the device is almost equivalent to your handheld devices. The thing looks like a Steam Machine controller, with a 5-inch screen in the middle of it.

The SteamBoy is planned to be released in 2015, though there are no guarantees about it. Although there is not the actual device to be tested, only the specification which look quite the right amount. But the thing is, we are in 2014, but will they be enough to withstand the pressure and competition in 2015?

The SteamBoy include the quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM with a 32GB of internal storage. Apart from the hardware, there is also a 3G option, which might not be true or may actually be real.

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