Seagate Storage Expansion Cards For The Xbox Series X Coming In Holiday 2020

Storage Expansion Cards
Source: Seagate

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s most dominant consoles yet. From the specifications, it seems that it performs even better than the PlayStation 5. However, the custom-made SSD for the PlayStation 5 is the renowned feature of the console. And, even the Xbox Series X can’t compete with it from that retrospect. But, that does not mean that the Xbox Series X’s SSD is not as potent. One feature that puts Xbox on the fore-front is the out-of-box storage expansion options, which the PlayStation 5 does not have. Microsoft announced that consumers would be able to expand the storage of the Xbox Series X with storage expansion cards. And, the companion is none other than Seagate!

The Xbox Series X features a 1 TB SSD, which most users consider adequate for their gaming needs. However, as with new release, many games have surpassed the 100 GB point. At one point, you would have to upgrade your Xbox Series X with available storage options. That’s where the storage expansion cards come in! Seagate has become prominent amid many enthusiasts over the years. They have always been on the frontlines for the manufacture of SSDs and HDDs. Xbox Series X’s SSD reduces the boot-times for games to only a few seconds and the Seagate storage expansion cards are no exception!

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Seagate is thrilled to be a key player in next-generation gaming. With a new standard in performance, games will be more dynamic, visually stunning, and more immersive than ever. Seagate’s Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card technology delivers additional game storage at peak speeds, replicating the console’s internal SSD experience. We are proud to join forces with Xbox and can’t wait to help gamers immerse themselves in the high-fidelity experience.

Jeff Fochtman – Seagate Senior Vice President

Seagate Storage Expansion Card — Details:

The Seagate Storage Expansion Card is intended to provide uninterrupted speeds, same as what you’d expect with the in-console SSD. It is a convenient chip that you can insert into your Xbox Series X console and experience all the performance with no compromise. The Seagate Storage Expansion Card features Xbox’s Velocity architecture. It promises utmost performance in all Xbox Series X games and thousands of Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games as well. In addition to this, the Seagate Storage Expansion Card showcases a Quick Resume feature, that allows users to alternate between games and resume them from where they last left off.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card
Capacity1 TB
Flash MemoryCustom PCI-E Gen4x2 NVMe
Form FactorXbox Series X Storage Expansion Card
Limited Warranty3 Years

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