It seems that there is an empty square left on the cover photo of the official Japanese Biohazard twitter page, where one out of four spaces have been blacked out, while the other spaces have recent Resident Evil games shown, could this be done intentionally to tease another Resident Evil game? Or does this mean we’re finally going to get some news on the RE2make?

What we know so far about RE2make

Fans have been dying to get any bit of information regarding the highly anticipated and requested Remake of the beloved game.
All we know about the Remake is that it is happening, here’s the video posted by the official Resident Evil Youtube channel, acknowledging the existence of the title and revealing that Yoshiaki Hirabyashi will be the lead developer of the remake.

Other than that, one of the digital artists that have done work on past Capcom titles including Resident Evil 7 commented on a video that stated that the R2make might be in development hell, RikkTheGaijin’ has stated that Resident Evil 2, “It’s not in development hell. Everything is on track”. So it can be safely assumed that despite the game not having had any major announcements, it definitely is in development.

Capcom and HD Remasters

After the success of Resident Evil 7 and seeing Capcom releasing HD remasters of various franchises, last one being Okami HD and seeing as the Devil May Cry HD Collection has been announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it isn’t unlikely that Capcom could very well be announcing the highly anticipated remake soon.

Resident Evil 2’s 20th Anniversary

Another thing to note is that January 21st, 2018 is the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil 2, is it possible that the current change of cover photo means Capcom might be teasing the announcement soon, it does seem likely that something just might get announced.


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