RUMOR: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Copies Leaked – Game Can Be Played Offline

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Another year, another Call of Duty entry. While AAA games breaking street dates and being sold early is now a norm in the industry, Call of Duty Modern Warfare appears to be facing a recurring problem. You might think Call of Duty Modern Warfare Copies Leaked would have some form of protection from Activision, however, you’d be wrong to guess so.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Copies Leaked – Time to go dark

According to a twitter video, it seems someone has a few early copies of the game and is selling them for $250 a piece.


Understandably, there seems to be a lot to make one believe that the footage could be fake, to debunk this, it is worth mentioning that the user is showing the M1911 pistol, which hasn’t been shown until this point, and you can see the game installing in the top right of the screen.

People are reporting that they are encountering a screen which prompts them to download a patch to continue playing the game, this can be bypassed fairly easily by just choosing “Go Offline”. For the Xbox One and PS4, this just means turning the internet off in your settings.

Image is courtesy of Reddit.

Currently, the twitter user refuses to live stream the game for obvious reasons, but there is enough proof to show that they are able to play the game sans the Day 1 Patch.

However, this should alert others to proceed online with caution as people can play the campaign and spoil the game before the launch.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a reboot of the beloved series that was highly cherished on the last-gen consoles. With the latest leak, we look forward to playing the new games in a new form.

Failure to learn from history

In 2017, WW2 managed to outsmart street copies by forcing the Day 1 update to even play the game at all! If only the same method could have been applied to Modern Warfare to prevent people from playing the game early.

How BIG is the game?

It is also worth noting that the PS4 version clocks in at a hefty 108 GB and the Xbox One Version at a bigger 140 GB.

The install sizes are mentioned on the Subreddit for the game in several threads. The pre-load for digital pre-orders is live on PS4/Xbox One for people in the EU, UK, and NA. Considering the titanic size of the game, you will need a lot of time to download the game.

With the latest leak for the game, let us know your thoughts in the common section below!

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