Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

The game has 15 Animals, and while you only need to kill 5 Legendary animals for the 100% completion, you need to kill the remaining for the “Skin Deep” and “Zoologist” trophy. These animals drop legendary pelts and can be used for making special clothing items at Trappers. If you drop the pelt or lose it, it will automatically be at Trappers so you can’t miss out on the reward. Without further delay here is your Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals Guide.

First off, we want to give a huge thanks to PowerPyx for the superb job on the guides, if you want more detail to these guides we recommend you visit his site.

You can use any form of lethal force to kill them, preferably use heavy weapons with heavy ammo like the Shotgun with Slugs and dead eye to unload the whole clip into them. It won’t affect the skin quality.

In Chapter 2, Hosea takes you to hunt for a Legendary Bear. Later into the mission you get the choice to back out or keep hunting it. If you back out you can still return later to find it. Hosea also gives you the Legendary Animals map, but it’s incomplete and not very accurate. We’ll go through them on the in-game map.

Finding A Legendary Animal:

In chapter 2 you will start a mission with Horsea. You will both go hunting for the first legendary animal, a grizzly bear. At one point in the mission you will be given the choice to continue hunting for the bear or going back, either way you will get the map that will lead you to the animals.

You can find the map by opening your Satchel with Right on the D-Pad. Documents –> Maps –> Legendary Animal Map.

Legendary animals are denoted by the shape of the animal you are hunting but will have a crown on their head. You will need to follow the clues of the animal once in the area to find the animal, you can do this by tapping down L3 + R3 and following the yellow clues. There will be 3 of these, so if you find all 3, you’ll have to ready yourself for a fight.

You will have to roam a bit until you have luck finding the animal. You know you’re on the right track if you see the following notification on the top left of your screen:

“You have entered Legendary Animal Territory. Hunt this Legendary Animal by finding and inspecting clues”

If you don’t see it, camp, ride away or leave the area and come back again at a later time of day or a later day.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals Guide

#1 – Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

Legendary Bear Location

#2 – Legendary Beaver

Legendary Bear Location

#3 – Legendary Alligator

#4 – Legendary Coyote

Legendary Coyote Location

#5 – Legendary Elk

Legendary Elk Location

#6 – Legendary White Bison

Legendary White Bison Location

#7 – Legendary Tanka Bison

Legendary Tanka Bison Location

#8 – Legendary Cougar

Legendary Cougar Location #9 – Legendary Pronghorn

Legendary Pronghorn Location

#10 – Legendary Buck

Legendary Pronghorn Location #11 – Legendary Wolf

Legendary Wolf Location

#12 – Legendary Big Horn Ram

Legendary Big Horn Ram Location

#13 – Legendary Fox

Legendary Fox Location

#14 – Legendary Boar

Legendary Boar Location #15 – Legendary Moose

Legendary Moose Location #16 – Legendary Panther “Giaguaro”

After completing 9 of the Master Hunter Challenges which you can view through the Pause Menu –> Progress –> challenges, head to the Border Blade, South of Rhodes.

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