Radiant One is the Next Game from The Wild Eight Creator You Don’t Want to Miss!

Radiant One Game

If you’ve never heard of Fntastic before, they are the developers behind The Wild Eight on Steam which is a superb procedurally generated survival game about toughing it out in the freezing winters amidst a forest. If you enjoyed This War of Mine, you definitely have to try out The Wild Eight.

While their next project might be a bit ominous at first sight, it’s when you look at the few screenshots and the simple text of the game to understand that this is an experience waiting for you.

Radiant One Game

Radiant One is the studios next big project, as it tackles the world of dreams and reality and a good story waiting to be discovered.

Radiant One will be available on Steam, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad

The story revolves around Daniel, who after discovering the fantastic world of Lucid dreams has found the world fallen to a dark presence and must now make his ways to survive the journey. The game is a minimalist 3D game that players will experience on the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV, but the game is still coming on Steam as well. The game is taking a page from thatgamecompany’s latest game, Sky, when it comes to releasing on platforms.

The game is scheduled to release in July, and while we don’t have a fixed release date for the game, we are definitely eager on trying out the game for ourselves. Mobile games are truly becoming a strong platform for storytelling as well if Monument Valley 1 and 2 aren’t already superb examples of innovative design mixed with unique storytelling.

Radiant One Game

Radiant One Price and System Requirements:

While the game also hasn’t set a price or mentioned any specifications, its safe to say that the game will easily run on any modern computer and the requirements on Apple devices will also be fairly light.

Let us know your thoughts on Radiant One and whether you’d be trying the game out for yourself when it releases in the coming month.

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