Nvidia Turing GTX 1180 or 2080 Spotted with GDDR6 during Tests

Nvidia Turing GTX 1180

As we already told you before that the next generation Nvidia graphics card are to be named Turing. Now it seems very clear that the next GPUs has something related to the name Turing as Nvidia celebrated the birthday of Alan Turing. They also wished Alan Turing happy birthday in a tweet on this Saturday.  Nvidia is busy working up with a prototype of coming Nvidia Turing GTX 1180.

Nvidia Turing GTX 1180 with GDDR6:

A picture of allegedly Nvidia Turing GTX 1180’s prototype is circling across the internet. Its definitely not the finalized product. This prototype comes with NVlink at the top. Also it has three 8-pin power connectors and 12-modules of Micron’s GDDR6 memory. Having 12-modules of GDDR6 memory we could expect the upcoming GTX 1180 to be having 12 GB of GDDR6 RAM.


Nvidia Turing GTX 1180 GDDR6

These boards are used for testing. There is no GPU present at the top and it seems rather a large slot. These testers are demonstrated by tens of connectors and switches. But there is no need to make any assumptions right now as it might be Quadro or next generation tesla and not a Geforce GPU. Rumors are that upcoming Geforce GPUs will be based on Pascal architecture. They are rumored to be called as Ampere. Turing will replace the Volta series GPUs. The prototype shown above is expected to be based on the turing architecture using GDDR6 memory. The hype created right now is very high as all eyes are set on a release date.

GTX 1180 or 2080 Expected Release Date:

Since Computex 2018, everyone is anxiously waiting for a release date by Nvidia for their upcoming Nvidia Turing GTX 1180. But still Nvidia is silent and the presentation by Nvidia at Sisoft Sandra data base was also cancelled. Some rumors are that Nvidia will release it upcoming beast on 30th of July 2018. But still nothing confirmed yet. We can only say that wait, as all greater things come to those who wait. So stay tuned for more new and rumors about the upcoming Nvidia Turing GTX 1180.

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