No Man’s Sky Xbox One Pre Order Bonuses Revealed

No Man's Sky Xbox One Pre Order Bonuses

A user on Reddit posted a curious picture which looks it’s taken from GameStop, the listing shows us a first look at No Man’s Sky Xbox One Pre Order Bonuses, while the PC and PS4 versions released back in 2016, the game is finally getting a release for the Xbox One and it will also get its biggest content update for multiplayer that will release on the PC and PS4 on the eve of the July release for the Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky Xbox One Pre Order Bonuses – No Better Way to Start


No Man's Sky Xbox One Pre Order Bonuses
Image Courtesy of Reddit

You can see from the above that the pre-order bonuses might be enticing and if you are hesitant about ordering the game because of its very bad past, keep in mind that Rainbow Six also managed to resurrect itself from the dead only recently, so you never know when a game can make a miracle comeback!

While the much-awaited multiplayer pack was supposed to be part of the original game bundle, it’s better late than never right?

While the game had a very lackluster launch due to repetitive and empty worlds, uninspired gameplay and made even worse with a monotonous story, the game was a huge flop for Hello Games with consumers returning the game in flocks and used copies of the game flooding all game stores all over the world and people were issued digital refunds for the game on various stores.

We can only hope that this update helps bring the original game that was promised to us by the creators, since the studio took a lot of heat for delivering a game with half of the promised content, if not less.

What are your thoughts on No Man’s Sky? Let us know in the comments section below and if you think the game deserves a second chance.

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