Nintendo Switch Got Approved By Chinese Govt, Will Be Sold By Tencent

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

In an unprecedented move, the department of culture of Guangdong province has approved the sale and marketing of Nintendo Switch inside China. This is a monumental step for Nintendo as previously the country had no official Nintendo presence. The news comes in after a document was uploaded online detailing the deal.

It can be said that in the Asian region, Nintendo has no prominent presence in any of the major countries except Japan. This, however, will soon change as the deal mentions, Tencent, the developer behind PUBG mobile, will be distributing the handheld console across China.

Nintendo Switch Approved by Department of Culture of Guangdong Province

The news was disclosed on an unofficial Chinese Nintendo twitter handle.

The tweet contains the document that states the approval of the console by the respective department. We don’t currently have the translated version of the document but all that matters is that the department has approved the console which was sent to them in the early March along with a copy of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

This is, of course, good news for all those Chinese gamers who would be able to purchase the console locally and not have to go through special arrangements to have the console ordered from abroad. Moreover, this will also greatly increase the stock value of Nintendo as China is undoubtedly a major market for the product.

This deal also implies that Nintendo Switch online would begin to work in China. This again is a welcoming idea for all those gaming enthusiasts who have to live by the strict Internet restrictions in China.

We will inform you as this story develops, for now, this is all. Do let me know in the comments how you feel about the Switch coming to China.

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