My Hero Academia Season 4 Release Date Announced!

My Hero Academia Season 4

My Hero Academia Season 4 release date just got announced. The anime will air on Spring of 2019 along with 2 most anticipated seasons as well.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Release Date Revealed!

When you talk about superheroes whose main job is to save the world from evil villains it is very generic and does not seems very interesting. My Hero Academia follows the same generic plot and the main objective of the protagonist is the same as with any superhero you will search online. The special thing which makes this anime shine on other anime of the same genre is the story well duh, isn’t it obvious? Yes, but combining it with awesome quirks is what makes this anime really amazing!

The first season of the anime was a commercial success. The interesting thing about this show is people of any age can enjoy this show without having to worry about any useless stuff like fan service which almost every other anime must have.

There are currently 3 seasons aired and the last one completed on Sep 29, 2018. My Hero Academia will have 4th season on its way and it will not be coming this year sadly enough. According to this year’s 44th issue of Shonen Jump magazine, the “My Hero Academia” anime series will be receiving a 4th season. This announcement was made some days ago but without a release date.

My Hero Academia Season 4

My Hero Academia Season 4 Release Date

My Hero Academia season 4 will be airing next year that’s a bummer but at least now it is confirmed. The season will air in Spring of 2019 along with, One Punch Man Season 2, Attack on Titan Season 3 and Kimetsu no Yaiba all of these anime are highly anticipated and 2019 will be a good year that’s for sure.

Are you guys excited for My Hero Academia Season 4? Mention your thoughts down below in the comments section and let me know who is your favorite My Hero Academia favorite character is!

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