Mozilla VPN Is Mozilla’s New VPN For Internet Privacy

Mozilla VPN
Source: TechCrunch

For the past two decades, Mozilla Firefox has been acclaimed as one of the most secure browsers online. It comes as no surprise that the pioneers in internet privacy have released a new VPN, Mozilla VPN. As per Mozilla, their new VPN makes use of the WireGuard® protocol, which is the most sophisticated encryption to date. Mozilla also claims that their VPN will provide an uninterrupted experience for online gaming, streaming and browsing.

Mozilla also claims that they do not monitor your online database, which is something that many VPNs have been accused of in the past. However, almost every VPN claims these things! Does this one actually provide them? There’s no way we can be certain about this yet. Is Mozilla VPN another OperaVPN? Only time will tell. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most renowned browsers for privacy and anonymity online. It seems dubious that the company would do something to defame its name.

The VPN is powered by Mullvad, with over 280 servers based in over 30 countries. As of now, the VPN is only available in 6 countries; the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. However, more countries are to be included soon! The VPN costs $4.99 per month and can connect up to 5 devices, which is inexpensive when compared to other VPNs. As of now, the VPN only supports Windows, iOS and Android devices. However, more devices are to be included soon!

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It seems that Mozilla has promised much with their new VPN. However, consumers want a VPN that they can use for all sorts of internet activities without any hindrances and there is much competition. ExpressVPN, NordVPN and many others have dominated the market when it comes to a secure and uninterrupted VPN connection. But, we can expect that Mozilla VPN will meet all the requirements for modern internet privacy!

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