LiveWire jailbreak tweak

LiveWire jailbreak tweak

Millions of users nowadays jailbreak their devices in order to install minor tweaks that change the way through which specific aspects of the system looks or behaves. This is why, the new LiveWire tweak is sure to be extremely popular with those looking for a free-of-charge animation based download.

LiveWire is simple, lightweight and does exactly what is said in the description; it introduces a appealing little animations when the jailbroken device is unlocked. Rather than unlocking the iPhone or iPod touch and being immediately presented with the home screen underneath, it introduces a sliding panel effect giving the impression that a door is being opened to show the underlying content.LiveWire jailbreak tweak

As you see that this package isn’t dependent on any specific wallpaper or alternative lock screen package being installed on the device. Moreover, there are no additional settings to configure after installation and everything should just be up and running as soon as the device is unlocked.

We’ve seen plenty of tweaks in the past that works on the same concenpt to introduce different animations. Some of them work in the same fashion as LiveWire by introducing one static animation, such as Unfold by Jonas Gessner. Other offerings take things a little further by coming with a set of configurable options that allow different animations to be applied to the lock screen with varying characteristics such as animation time.LiveWire jailbreak tweak

LiveWire might be simplistic in what it does, but sometimes, simple is exactly what is required and it certainly manages to detract from what is otherwise a very bland and uneventful native lock screen experience. It’s also free to download which means it is definitely worth a try on your iPhone or iPod touch.

You can download it free of charge from the BigBoss repository and is currently compatible with jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches running iOS 5.1 all the way up to 6.1.2.


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