KuaiBoard for iOS 8 let you send frequent texts with a single tap


We have been bringing you different iOS keyboards. A large number of third party keyboards have already hit Apple App Store. Others are about to come. Here, we make your introduction to a new iOS 8 keyboard i.e. KuaiBoard. The keyboard will let you send frequent texts or messages by just a single tap!

KuaiBoard for iOS 8 is much an app than a keyboard. It enables you to add templates that you used frequently. The templates can be added to the desired field by launching the app and tapping the template. Your template can include sentences, paragraphs and even email addresses. However, you can’t add links nor you can have special fonts or font colors. KuaiBoard for iOS 8 also features form-fill ability and locations service.


Once installed, all you need is to add templates. Tap the (+) symbol and begin adding the words, sentences etc. which you use frequently. Once you are done, now you can use the desired template from ‘TextBoards’. So, how to add the template in the text field? Well, switch to the app and tap the desired template to add it in the field.

The app cum keyboard costs only $1.99 and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

So indeed, a wonderful app! It will definitely save your time a lot if you quite often use same sentences or words!