Is Kamiya’s Instagram post suggesting a CAPCOM and PlatinumGames Collaboration?

CAPCOM and PlatinumGames Collaboration
Viewtiful Joe

Hideki Kamiya is a famous name around the gaming industry, responsible for franchises like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta and has worked on games including Resident Evil and Okami, he shares a deep history with both CAPCOM and PlatinumGames. He’s currently working at PlatinumGames, but an Instagram post by him could be suggesting a CAPCOM and PlatinumGames Collaboration.

CAPCOM and PlatinumGames Collaboration on the horizon?

Kamiya posted the following picture on Instagram, with Ryoko Tsujimoto who is the Head of Division 2 in Capcom, give it a look below

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Capcom & PG we are one 😀

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The caption reads “Capcom and PG we are one :D”, now Capcom and PlatinumGames haven’t exactly worked together, but the founders of the company have been past Capcom employees, and reports have suggested that the two companies would have worked together on some IPs, but nothing really substantial happened for a collaboration to continue.

Now, this could be a stretch, but we want to believe that something is up, that either they’ll be working on a new IP or any of their pre-existing one’s where ex-capcom game employees which are currently working at PlatinumGames, have worked on, including Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe and more.

Ashen, which is an EPIC launcher exclusive, has already been cracked by CODEX, so we’re guessing that the games will be DRM-FREE on EPIC Launcher?

This doesn’t confirm anything though, it could just be nothing but a friendly meeting and reminder that PlatinumGames roots are from CAPCOM and that the employees have respect for one another.

What do you think about this Instagram post by Kamiya? Do you think there could be a CAPCOM and PlatinumGames Collaboration? Do you want one? Let us know in the comments below.