Intel Core+ i5/i7/i9 Processors with Optane SSD: Features and Price

Processors with Optane SSD

New Intel 8th Gen Processors with Optane SSD will allow you to work faster with less loading times. Everyone knows the recent generation of processors Intel released. The 8th generation lineup of Intel’s processors bring higher clock speed, integration of Radeon RX Vega graphics and claims of performance boosts.

However you might have noticed that the icon of Intel Core chips has slightly changed. Now there is a little “+” sign in front of the i5/i7/i9. What does that mean? Well, that plus sign represents that processor’s compatibility with Intel’s Optane Technology.

Intel Core+ 8th Gen Processors with Optane SSD:

Intel’s Optane Caching Technology allows the storage and memory to act like one virtual drive to an extent. To some level, this resembles the results of an SSD. However, this technology comes bundled with the Core+ processors.

The same technology was being used by Intel earlier, but it was limited to the drive that is used to load operating system in memory on boot; speeding up the boot time. However, with these new Optane ready processors, the same will be applied to a chunk of storage that consumers can use for gaming or any other task. This is an addition from Intel to facilitate its consumers and to provide as much in one package.

Processors with Optane SSD

Intel Optane Memory Requirements:

The specifications for these Optane ready processors from Intel will be the same. There isn’t any difference when it comes to additional features and exclusive content. But you will be getting Optane Memory if you choose to buy these. But in any case, there are some requirements that you’ll need to satisfy in order to be able to support Intel’s Optane memory. Here are those requirements:

  • 7th Generation (or newer) Intel® Core™ Processor.
  • Intel® 200 Series Chipset (or newer).
  • Intel Optane memory ready UEFI BIOS. Legacy BIOS mode is not supported.
  • Windows® 10 x64.
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology 15.5 or newer driver.
  • Drive to be accelerated1:
    • SATA-based boot drive
      • SATA-based data/secondary drive acceleration is only supported with the following: 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors (or later), Intel® 300 Series Chipset (or later) and the latest Intel® RST driver version 16.0.2 or later.
    • GPT Partition table
    • 5MB available at the end of disk

One thing here is worth noting though, and that is, that with the 8th generation of processors, Intel is bundling the Optane technology with the processors itself.

Intel Core+ i5/i7/i9 Processors with Optane SSD Price:

Now of course you can choose to buy a processor with or without the bundled Optane caching. But the price will vary depending on your choice. If you buy the processor only, it’ll be cheaper. Although you’re going to have to pay a little more to get the Optane tech which is available in 16GB and 32GB.

Price with 16 GB OptanePrice of CPU onlyPN
Core i7+8700$340$302BO80684I78700
Core i5+8500$240$205BO80684I58500
Core i5+8400$215$179BO80684I58400


What do you make of this new addition from Intel? Let us know in the comments below:

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