Intel Skylake XCC 28-Core/56-Thread Processor Showcased, Launching Q4

Intel Skylake XCC 28-Core/56-Thread

As the stage for Computex 2018 is all ready and the Internet is stormed by the news and rumors from all the technology giants around the globe. We have absorbed many rumor this year, but Intel just unveiled its core i7 8086 K that can be over-clocked up to 5GHz. Intel launched a 18-core CPU last year but at Computex 2018 Intel has casted away the shadow from their plans of releasing a 28-core CPU later this this year with the clock speed of 5GHz. Intel did not give up any turbo frequencies though. This would be the world’s first 28-core CPU and certainly would be the most powerful one right now known as Intel Skylake XCC 28-Core/56-Thread.

Intel however didn’t share much details about the upcoming giant. However the demo they gave in Computex the CPU hit a ridiculously impressive score of 7,334 in the Cinebench R15 benchmark.

Intel Skylake XCC 28-Core/56-Thread Specs

        Nothing much is disclosed till now and we do not know which socket this monstrous CPU will have. The processor has a 700 mm² die on a client-segment package. We can’t say much about which range it will fall in. Rumors are that this CPU will be know as “Skylake XCC” where XCC will stand for extreme core count. But this name is also an assumption. We can say that Intel already manufacture 28-core CPU known as Intel Xeon Scalable Processors that are mostly used for high-end servers. But these CPUs have over-clocked speed of 3.8GHz but talking about 5GHz, it is a massive leap forward.


        Question arises that how Intel will manage to balance the power consumption with that much clock speed with 28 cores, and what would be the price of this 28-core CPU. This is still a mystery. I guess we’ll just have to wait a little more because everything right now is a little vague. It would be to early to say anything.

Release Date:

        We are expecting the release of Intel Skylake XCC 28-Core/56 thread in Q4 2018. But still this is an assumption and nothing has been confirmed by Intel till now. Talking about 28-core , AMD on the other hand is not coming slow. Rumors are that AMD will announce a 32-core Threadripper tomorrow in Computex 2018. That would be a massive announcement by AMD.
So stay tunned for more news and rumors from Computex 2018.

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