Intel Core i7 8700K vs AMD Ryzen 1800X Specs and Comparison | Best Gaming CPU

Intel Core i7 8700K vs AMD Ryzen 1800X Best Gaming CPU

The companies Intel and AMD are rivals for a very long time now, both of them hold their ground in their own perspectives. Intel however, managed to win couple of times before. Today, we’re testing their best CPUs, Intel Core i7 8700K vs AMD Ryzen 1800X, which one is better for gaming.

Any of them could beat other in different perspectives but, we’re solely focusing on their gaming performance. So, let’s get started.

Intel Core i7 8700K vs AMD Ryzen 1800X

Intel Core i7 8700K vs AMD Ryzen 1800X Specifications:

The 1800X (8 cores, 16 threads @3.6GHz) has more cores than 8700K (6 cores, 12 threads @3.7GHz). But, lots of benchmarks show that Intel 8700K beating 1800X because of its clock speed. With Turbo boost, this difference can go up many scales. Turbo frequency of Intel Core i7 8700K is also 17% faster than 1800X. For gaming performance, things always turn out for Intel, in the end.


This benchmark, shows that SC (single core) performance of Intel Core i7 8700K is 28% faster. This is actually a winning start, as in gaming, SC performance is required by most of the games. These days, latest games started requiring Dual/Quad cores performance. Here, 8700k again beats 1800X in QC Mixed performance by 26%. More than this, multi-core performance, are only utilized by server based works unless you’re going for 200+ fps. So, for gaming we can neglect it.


Here are some screenshots of the benchmarks from Hardware Unboxed. He actually ran games on 720p resolution to avoid bottleneck, pretty clever.

 1. Battlefield 1

The two main processors we are comparing here show significant performance difference. Intel Core i7 8700K has 41fps more than AMD Ryzen 1800X, which pretty much proves 8700K is better.

2. Civilization VI

1800X shows promising performance here, compare to 8700K. The difference of 10 fps can be considered good for a cpu who completely knocked out in Battlefield 1 test by 8700k.

3. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

This time, again we see performance drop of 1800X compare to 8700K. 17 fps difference is marginal, but, 1800X barely went ahead of 8700K in last test, and here it lost again.

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