How to install BleemSync 1.0 on PlayStation Classic to Play Custom Games

We just talked about BleemSync 1.0 and are ecstatic about the promises the software brings for owners of the PlayStation Classic. This guide will walk you through on how to install the software on your console and why you need BleemSync 1.0 on PlayStation Classic.

Why do I need BleemSync 1.0?

BleemSync 1.0 will allow you to load your own PS1 games, allow you to emulate NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA and PSP games on the console. This is definitely the biggest reason for one to go for installing BleemSync on the PlayStation Classic. The latter is achieved with the help of RetroArch, which is built-in into BleemSync 1.0.

What are the hazards of BleemSync 1.0?

Considering the PlayStation Classic doesn’t need your PSN ID, or any login credentials to function, there really is no reason NOT to do this. The steps are simple enough for anyone with basic knowledge on internet and computers to do without trouble.

We are also attaching a video guide to make the process easier if you still feel troubled or have any confusions. You don’t risk any damage to the console or otherwise as long as you follow the steps to the letter.

Installing BleemSync 1.0 on PlayStation Classic

The below steps are listed assuming you don’t have BleemSync or any of its older versions installed on the system.

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Get a USB drive (preferably 2.0) and change the label to SONY (uppercase)
  3. Format it to FAT 32 under filesystem
  4. Extract the contents of the zip file to the root of the USB drive (the first window you see when you open the USB drive)
  5. Unplug your PlayStation Classic from the power outlet, any USB powered HUB and HDMI.
  6. Put the USB drive into Controller Port 2 on the console
  7. Connect the power outlet on the console
  8. When you see the Orange LED on the console, it means BleemSync 1.0 has successfully installed on the system.

The video below talks about how to finish setting up BleemSync 1.0 completely and also helps you install BleemSync 1.0 if you have any troubles

With all this said and done, BleemSync 1.0 is now successfully running on your PlayStation Classic and you have one cool emulation station in your home!
Let us know if the guide helped you in the comments section below!