How to fix the Dyson Sphere Program Mouse flickering issue on PC

Dyson Sphere Program Mouse flickering
Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is a space simulation strategy game from Youthcat Studio and Gamera Game. The title is similar to games like Factorio and Satisfactory where you want to automate the various systems of the game. The game is currently available as an Early Access title, and because of that, you can expect bugs and technical problems. If you are running into the Dyson Sphere Program mouse flickering issue, here is how you can fix that.

This is from a Chinese game studio, and so far, the reception has been Very Positive. The early access period according to the developers is around 1 year, but it can increase depending on the development. There is still a lot of content in the game, and more will be added over the course of the early access period. This approach worked very well for Factorio, and it could be a success for this as well.

Dyson Sphere Program Mouse flickering issue

Some users on Steam forums have complained about the mouse flickering during gameplay. This has caused performance issues as well and made the experience very stuttery. The developers are aware of it, and hopefully, an update will fix it soon. Issues like this are to be expected during the early access and it’s a good time to provide feedback to the developers as well.

For now, the issue can be resolved, but there is a caveat. This method fixes the issue, and you won’t see a flicker, nor the performance drops. However, for some users, the mouse cursor might be a bit small, or the visuals might look a bit fuzzier. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Head over to where the game is installed, and right-click on the executable
  • Click on Properties, and then open the Compatibility tab
  • Here, you want to click on the Change High DPI Settings
Dyson Sphere Program Mouse flickering
Compatibility Properties
  • Now, in this new window, under High DPI scaling override, check “Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:” and set the value to System
Dyson Sphere Program Mouse flickering
DPI Scaling
  • Press OK, and save the settings

Now, when you relaunch the game, the issue should be fixed. We hope that the developers release an update soon so that players don’t have to fix it with the given caveats as we mentioned above. The game also made it to the top seller’s list, and it’s no wonder because Factoria in space does sound pretty awesome.

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