Best PC Games

Although there’s a good chance that most of us are currently engaged in playing some of 2016’s biggest gaming hits like Doom, Overwatch and Gears of War 4, there’s plenty of other great PC games that you may have missed.


So whether you’re into innovative indie platformers, emotional adventure titles, or even some lucrative casino games, here’s an overview to some of the best PC games in 2016 that somehow slipped between the cracks.




The year started with a great little release called Firewatch. This adventure game was released by the indie developers Campo Santo and it put you in charge of keeping an eye on the distant forest fires whilst exploring the great outdoors and dealing with the subtle emotional complexities that made this one of 2016’s biggest sleeper hits.


Another game that had a strangely touching storyline was the long-awaited Owlboy. This has taken the Norwegian developers D-Pad Studios no less than nine years to create. But already the beautiful graphics, great soundtrack, and pleasing retro aesthetics have made it a surprise critical hit that could add a touch of warmth to your gaming winter.




It’s not just platform gaming that has been given a welcome overhaul. This is because just having a look at the incredible graphics on these casino games at the Betway site shows us that roulette, poker and blackjack may have finally been given a revamp that mirrors the endlessly entertaining gameplay.


The innovations in these casino games are all the more impressive considering that they can be accessed simply via a web browser. And with the likes of Khan Wars and Elvenar showing that massively multiplayer online games can work great on a browser, it illustrates the diversity of PC gaming in 2016.




But for strategic gaming excellence on a PC, it’s hard to argue with the Paradox game Hearts of Iron IV. This incredibly detailed and complex war strategy game was a welcome addition to battle games on the PC as it added a level of realism that’s been absent from many of the first-person shooting titles.


Hearts of Iron 4


And with further great PC games like the hack’n’slasher Grim Dawn, the weird adventure puzzler Obduction, and sci-fi strategy game Stellaris, it showed that it’s not just those casino games that are capable of impressing us PC gamers in 2016.