Who does not like new things? (Especially when they are free!) Most iPhone/iPad owners are eagerly waiting for the launch of Apple’s new phone because of the launch of the iOS 11 with it. But, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get a feature of the iOS 11 on your iOS 10 before its released? ScreenshotXI brings you the privilege of getting the iOS 11 screenshot feature on your iOS 10 powered Apple device.

Unlike some other devices, taking screenshots on your iOS operated devices like the iPhone and iPad has always been quite simple and easy. All you need to do is press a combination of two buttons, and that takes and saves a screenshot without any fuss. However, with the iOS 11 Apple will be revamping their screenshot feature and supercharging it. This would result in you getting a preview of the screenshot you took, from which you can either mark the image up or share it.

iOS 11 iPad and iPhone

Take iOS 11 Like Screenshot using ScreenshotXI

That’s why we take screenshots any way, right? But, to obtain the supercharged screenshot feature, you would need the iOS 11. And, what if you can’t install it as your device is jailbroken? That’s where the ScreenshotXI jailbreak tweak comes to rescue. This tweak is available for download on the BigBoss repository and costs only a dollar! ScreenshotXI does exactly what you expect it to do; it gets you the cool iOS 11-style screenshot to your iOS 10 device.


Just as we expected it, it allows you to see a preview thumbnail of the screenshot you took, and you can either mark it up by tapping or share it by tapping and holding. And, in case you just want a simple screenshot, you can choose to ignore the thumbnail and wait for it to go away, or swipe it away in case you get impatient.

If like us, you have a whole lot of screenshots in your camera roll, and want to take your screenshot game up a notch, all you have to do is get ScreenshotXI for $1.

Feel free to tell you what you feel about this new jailbreak tweak!