VLC VLSUB 0.9.13 Working

Majority of the computer users and now even smartphone owners know about VLC Player, which has been dominating as the best free and most powerful video player. VLC is really light weight and does not demand high computer specification to play videos. It supports major video formats that a normal user ever need and can handle HD videos from 1080p up to UDH 4K easily without any lag. The best thing about this media player is the cross-platform availability and easy to learn shortcuts. So, no matter on which device you are you can easily install and use it to watch videos.

VLC always gets updated now and then, thanks to the active developers, to support latest hardware as well any new video formats. But sometimes the new update instead of fixing things mess up with them. Same happens this time with VLC VLSUB 0.9.13, a subtitle finder tool which allows you find subtitles for movies and season from opensubtitle.org. Which was a really great feature until it got messed up. Just like most of the user will be now experiencing VLSUB freeze or crash while search for subtitles.


Luckily I found a way, thanks to VLC forums which really easy to solve this subtitle problem. Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Fix VLSUB 0.9.13 Freeze/Crash

  1. Download the Notepad++ from here and install it on your computer.
  2. (For MacOS X and Linux Users) Download any free hex editor program or download this one. Link
  3. Now open Notepad++ and go to Plugins > Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager.notepad-plugin-manager
  4. Find “Hex Editor” in the list and install it. Notepad++ will reinstall.notepad-hex-editor
  5. Now go to the installed location of VLC (most probably Program Files)vlc-vlsub-fix
  6. From there navigate to: VideoLAN > VLC > lua > extensions
  7. Now open “VLSub.luac” in notepad++ and from Plugins select Hex Editor -> View in Hex.
  8. Now open Find box or press CTRL + F and search for “HTTP/1.1”.
  9. There when found replace HTTP/1.1 with HTTP/1.0
  10. Now save the file by pressing CTRL + S. Notepad++ will ask you to run as admin. Select yes and it will automatically run as admin. Now save again.

Once done open any movie file in VLC and try searching for Subtitles using VLSUB 0.9.13 or any other version. Hopefully it will work. For any question or suggestion comment below.

  • muiz muiz

    Doesnt work keeps crashing

    • Have you saved the file correctly? And edit it correctly?

      • Locodoco

        Same thing happened to me on Linux and found out changes weren’t saved unless I ran the hex editor as root.

      • muiz muiz

        Yes. But there is a new version and that one works.

  • manjeet singh

    thanks it worked perfectly

  • DrYBT

    Amazing. Thank you very much. It worked.

  • Vasilis Bil

    It Worked thanks!

  • Phil

    Thank you!

  • woow. awesome! thanx a lot! worked like a charm on osx!

  • Mohd Tanveer

    thnxx bro it worked

  • Andrés Galia

    I tried your suggestion but still doesn’t work. I am running on Windows 7. Any suggestion?

    • Have you tried saving file as admin?

      • Andrés Galia

        Yes, it was the only way one could save the file. But I must have done something wrong because I re-installed VLC and I repeated the procedure and now seems to be working.

  • Diablo Mistaken

    I doubted you dawg, but it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I works muthafucka it works!!!!!!!!!!https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9a71e75877f348a9cb6d4bb68cdf87119a352dd2a7a6d0f360ffdb62a71831ea.jpg

  • Amber Gul

    I m having problem with update plugin manager which notepad++ asks when installing hex editor. when I update it, it asks to restart notepad++ now and then I click ok but nothing happens. I cant go further cuz this step is creating problem. plz help!

    • Make sure you are running notepad++ as administrator.

  • Natarajan Krishnan

    Thanks bro. Yes,I am able to download subtitles now. U r brilliant. Keep helping on like this. Once again Thanks.

    • Hi Natarajan,

      We are glad to hear nice words from you. You can ask about your problems via the comments here or directly email us using the contact us page. We would love to hear more problems from your and try to solve them.

      Thanks again.

  • Faraz Ahmad Khan

    Can you write the steps for Mac …vlc sub not working on mac as well….did as you mentioned but stuck at intial steps only

  • Isabel Camacho

    i did all what you say and still no working. “Server not responding”

    • You have not saved the file correctly.

  • Sjoerd Sjoerd

    Great! it Works!
    On Mac: open aplications, find VLC , right click “show package contents”, browse to contents/macOS/share/lua/extensions/ , copy the file to desktop or somewhere else, edit as above in hex editor , copy and replace file in extensions folder.

    • @farazahmadkhan:disqus here follow these steps.

  • Neven Severinac

    Does not work 🙁 There are two “HTTP/1.1”, should I replace both of them or only first one?

    • Neven Severinac

      It works.. Thanks! 🙂

  • king

    can you hellp me.. i am trying to type the HTTP/1.1 but it wont let me type H.. i noticed that some keys are working but some are not and my keyboard works just fine

    • Kaki Kashyap

      Make sure that you changed the data type drop down

  • Awesome bro! It works perfect… Only 1 thing to mention –
    While searching for “HTTP/1.1” by pressing CTRL + F, Data type should be changed to ANSI String/Unicode String. And it should be replaced in two places


  • james

    None of these settings are there – the notepad++ info is useless for the latest version. There is NO option for plugin manager or hex editor.

    Please update this!

    • Jo Clarysse

      there’s an option to enable plugins during the installation of Notepad++. i missed it myself the first time too.

    • Aditya Deshpande

      You need to download 32-bit version of Notepad++ and click on the “enable plugins” during installation

  • Jan Koning

    I cant find HTTP/1.1

    I do find just HTTP

  • Deplorable #2016

    On linux (linux mint 18 sarah, should be same for Ubuntu/Debian distros)

    open up terminal

    cd /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions

    cp VLSub.luac ~/Desktop/

    install Bless hex editor from software manager (http://home.gna.org/bless/)

    open VLSub.luac with Bless

    Hit ctrl+r (search -> find and replace)

    You’ll get two text boxes on the bottom, “Search for” and “Replace for”, next to these you’ll see “as [Hexadecimal]”. You need to change both to text.

    (without quotes)
    Search for: “HTTP/1.1”
    Replace with: “HTTP/1.0”

    Hit replace all, should say “Found and replaced 2 occurrences.”

    Save the file.

    In terminal:
    cd /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions
    sudo rm VLSub.luac
    cd ~/Desktop/
    sudo mv VLSub.luac /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions/
    (for people familiar with terminal, yes I could have limited commands but made it simple for new users.)

  • Selim Yenisey

    YES ! It worked ! Thanks a lot.

  • Diablo Mistaken

    Now an update:
    It’s not required anymore!!!!
    With the new umbrella version, subtitles searcher doesn’t crash anymore.

    I tested it, and it works!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f68c0ac7d79bb51aecb1a7a46170855d28d92ead6e00e695c222f70024ab6688.png

    Thanks, BTW, because it didn’t work earlier and this article saved my life. XD