Binding List with Database in

Lastly we told you about the Server Controls in and today we will explain how to fetch data from database. And display the content on the dropdown list in web form. So...

ASP.Net Server Controls

Introduction: In this article i will explain about the Server controls events in I hope you will find it interesting. So Server Control events fall at three levels. Application level Page level Control level Server...

State Management Techniques in ASP.NET is one of the fast growing web languages which a web programmer will came across. The demand of developer is increasing day by day in the market. So we manage to bring...
Tron 3

Tron 3 Cancelled; Reasons Quite Unknown

Well we hope you weren’t really, really looking forward to Disney’s Tron 3, because if you were, we’ve got a really bad news for you. Reports just dropped that Disney just decided to pull...
visual studio 2015

Setup Visual Studio 2015 for Cross Platform Development

It’s been quite a while Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 up and is used for Cross Platform Development. But cross platform development was also introduced in Visual Studio 2013 using Cordova tool CTP (Compulsory Third...

Microtechx is Pakistan’s 1st Microsoft Professional Training Platform

Microtechx is Pakistan's 1st Microsoft Professional Training Platform in collaboration with Microsoft Pakistan, which will give training about Microsoft products only and will enhance your skills so that you can take a stand in...
visual studio

Basics of making a Universal app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1

Today we'll tell you how to make a basic Windows Phone and Windows app in Microsoft Visual Studio. To get started you must have installed: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 (with update...
windows azure

How to make your own API using Windows Azure

Hell guys I'm here to demonstrate you about how to make your own API using Windows Azure in just 20 mins. Keep following the steps and you will end in by making your own...
Microsoft Innovation Center

Internship at Microsoft Innovation Centre Lahore, Avail the opportunity Now

So Microsoft Innovation Centre Lahore is back with Internship Opportunity. People who were waiting for it for a very long time have again got opportunity to apply and get a chance to be a...

How to make you own music player and play music online

Hey guys I’m back with a new tutorial. So what this is called. We let’s say we are building our own music player for Windows Phone that will fetch music directly from internet. In...


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