DragonBall Fighter Z, Fortnite and Overcooked 2 coming to Switch at E3

Fortnite coming to Switch at E3
Fortnite coming to Switch at E3

While Crazy Justice is a game that is looking to change the battle royale scene by introducing the Nintendo Switch into the cross-play mix, it seems that Fortnite may have caught wind of this and is looking to enter uncharted waters if we are to believe a piece of paper that states a number of games coming for the system with Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch is one of the games among Paladins, Overcooked 2, Dragonball Fighter Z and many more could be headed for the Switch at E3!

Fornite on Nintendo Switch and many more to come for Switch at E3

Whether you hate it or love it, Fornite is a global phenomenon that has garnered a massive following.

While the game is on most systems imaginable; PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mobile, and with the Nintendo Switch being left out, it seems that Epic Games is finally looking to fill in that gap.

While this is going to be a close race between Fortnite and Crazy Justice, another Battle Royale game that will be the first to bring the Nintendo Switch into the mix, we also see a listing for Paladins on the sheet along with Overcooked 2 and Dragonball Fighter Z.

While the paper is a longshot from being verified or accepted as a proper source, it does look legitimate enough to pass off as the real McCoy. As E3 draws closer these kinds of leaks will continue to come so as always, take this with a heavy grain of salt.

While a Battle Royale game on the Nintendo Switch is a big opportunity for any developer, it would be good to see some healthy competition between Fortnite, Paladins and Crazy Justice for supremacy on the system, considered it is a largely untapped market!

Nintendo Switch hardware sales continue to grow every month and this could be the proverbial rat race we need to bring quality multiplayer games to the system!

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