Download Windows 8 Themes with Natural Wallpapers

Windows 8 Theme

A large number of themes are available in the market for Windows 8. Themes give look to your PC. Some users prefer to remain or live with the default themes while on the other hand, some users are interested in giving some new look to their PC by installing different types of themes. Thus themes change the appearance of your PC by making it more stylish.  However as the time goes on, user get bored with same type of themes and download the new ones.Windows 8 Theme

As Microsoft is busy in the preparation of the new edition of Windows, we have find some new beautiful Windows 8 themes with natural wallpapers. The new themes are released by the For the Armchair Traveler software maker. The new theme includes natural still wallpapers from all around the globe. These locations span from Germany to New Zealand, Canada to the Italian shores of Sardinia. Each wallpaper reflects the art of capture. The new theme is the result of Microsoft’s Open Call project. The project invites the photographers to take some beautiful stills throughout the various locations in the world.

Windows 8 Theme

The new themes are sure to give your PC a new look. So go and grab these nature-based themes from Windows Personalization Gallery.