Download Spine PS4 Emulator for Linux Demo to play PS4 Games

Spine PS4 Emulator for Linux

You may have heard of Orbital, the only, somewhat functional, PS4 emulator that has been in development for years now. However, what you may not have heard of is Spine, the PS4 Emulator for Linux that came outta nowhere and can actually run PS4 titles. That is right, what seemed like a too good to be true sort of a scenario is actually real. contrary to people thinking that it was a hoax, the developers behind Spine have now released a Demo version of their emulator for download. Here is how you can download Spine PS4 Emulator for Linux.

Now, as the title already suggests, you need to have Linux installed on your PC if you wish to try out the emulator. Spine as it turns out has actually beaten orbital to the punch when it comes to running an actual PS4 title on computer. Currently, you can run Megaman Legacy or We are doomed on the emulator. Do note that these are fairly light games and hence can be run somewhat smoothly. More demanding games are yet to be tested.

Download Spine PS4 Emulator for Linux Demo to play PS4 Games

You can download the Spine PS4 Demo from the link below.

Download Spine PS4 Emulator Demo

Follow the steps below, as stated by the devs, to install the emulator on Linux.


Primary version is packaged using Flatpak (

> flatpak –user install flatpak/spinedemo.flatpak

Alternative version was built on Fedora 29 and binary is in fedora29 directory.

This was done because version built with flatpak runtime doesn’t seem to work

with Nvidia drivers.

The only supported game is Mega Man Legacy Collection. You need to dump it on

your PS4 and copy it to your computer. Only two files are strictly needed

(eboot.bin and data.pie).

Tested on:

– desktop computer with Nvidia GTX970, Fedora 29

binary version works, flatpak doesn’t

– laptop running Fedora 29 under VMware Fusion

both versions work


To run flatpak version:

flatpak run –filesystem={dump directory}:ro org.devofspine.SpineDemo {path to eboot.bin}

To run binary version:

> spinedemo {path to eboot.bin}


ESC – exit

arrow up – dpad up

arrow down – dpad down

arrow left – dpad left

arrow right – dpad right

w – triangle

s – cross

a – square

d – circle

i – leftstick up

k – leftstick down

j – leftstick left

l – leftstick right

keypad 5 – rightstick up

keypad 2 – rightstick down

keypad 1 – rightstick left

keypad 3 – rightstick right

1 – L1

2 – R1

3 – L2

4 – R2

5 – L3

6 – R3

9 – touchpad press

0 – options

Also, note that,

You need an exploitable PS4, launch the exploit, launch one of the titles supported, go back to the dashboard, grab the files you find on the “/mnt/sandbox/CUSAXXXX/app0′ (the eboot.bin and the data directory), put the files in a dir somewhere in your home (to run this emulator you need a Linux distribution so you have a home dir ^__~), finally launch the static binary or the flatpak as indicated on the README.

P.S. you can probably also find online a fake signed package of the titles supported, you could/should be able to extract the files without an exploited PS4 as scene fpkg use all zeroes as passcode (i.e. “0000000000000000000000000000000”)…

let me know in the comments what you think about Spine Emulator.