Google Camera HDR+ 5.0 APK

Here is quick way to get Google Camera HDR+ With Portrait Mode on your Android phone running Nougat 7.0 or above. For those of you looking to download Google Camera on your Samsung device having Exynos or Snapdragon chipset can enjoy the latest working port. Thanks to XDA-Developers members, who have put tremendous amount of effort modding the APK so it will work on non-Google devices. Last year Pixel and this year’s Pixel 2 both have won best camera in smartphone score from DxoMark. But if compared to the latest flagship they don’t have any fancy hardware camera instead Google algorithms are doing the heavy lifting and making your photos awesome.

So, it is pretty much easy to have similar functionality on any phone with a decent camera but Google opted to made these Pixel and Nexus devices exclusive feature. But Android is known for customization and freedom and this why some developers were able to port Google Camera for other devices as well. This new ported APK some what works on Samsung and other phones but requires heavy processing power is recommended to run on Snapdragon 820+ or Exynos 8 or 9.

Download Google Camera HDR+ With Portrait Mode

This is APK still have bugs and portrait mode is working only with Back Camera right now. Unfortunately, it will take some more time or until Oreo update is released on these devices for Front Camera Portrait mode to work. You can download Google Camera HDR+ with Portrait mode APK from the below link and make sure you follow these settings to make it work. Otherwise it may crash.

Download Modded Google Camera HDR+ with Portrait Mode APK:

Google Camera with Portrait Mode (Fast – Unstable)


Google Camera with Portrait Mode (Slow – Stable)

It is up to you which version you want try. Both works fine but on the slow version is more stable and you can try to change settings to see what works. Also for Portrait mode to work make sure you are have applied these settings in the app and restarted it:

Recommended Config for Google Camera:

  • Model: Nexus 6
  • Portrait mode on all models: on

From Developer Settings:

  • off
  • camera.faceboxes: on

Once applied make sure you have restarted the app by closing it properly and removing it from the background as well. Also keep in mind, Right now only Back Camera works with Google Portrait Mode.

There you go! You can now enjoy Google Camera HDR+ With Portrait Mode on your Android phone as well. If you found any useful configuration don’t forget to share it below for others as well in the comments.


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